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  • Ending Homelessness in Canada

    More Canadians than ever lack a home. Almost every town and city now has homeless residents. Municipalities scramble to provide shelters, and local politicians debate whether to take action to…

    $27.95, Paperback
  • Murder in Renfrew County

    The story of the murder of three women in Ontario’s Renfrew county by their ex-partner and the full-scale investigation that followed. Dean Beeby, a skilled reporter and author, chronicles the…

    $27.95, Paperback
  • Health Hacks

    Nova Scotians need an expert with their best interests in mind to help them navigate the healthcare system. For thousands of Nova Scotians, Mary Jane Hampton has been their go-to…

    $27.95, Paperback
  • The Nova Scotia Bucket List (Updated)

    For years, Dale Dunlop and Alison Scott’s Nova Scotia Bucket List has been the authority on the best experiences in the province. This new edition, updated for 2024 travellers, features…

    $24.95, Paperback
  • The Nova Scotia Family Bucket List

    In this updated edition of the best-selling guide, Helen Early identifies the twenty-five best family adventures Nova Scotia has to offer. Her book features tons of unique day-trips, weekend getaways…

    $24.95, Paperback
  • My First Ontario Bird Book

    This is the book for anyone, young or old, who is curious about the birds they see from their windows or when they’re out on walks. Best-selling author Jeffrey C. Domm…

    $24.95, Paperback
  • Ace and the Misfits

    In his debut novel, Eddie Kawooya presents a fish-out-of-water story of immigration and the pains and joys of integration into a new and sometimes frightening environment. Arriving in Canada, Ace…

    $19.95, Paperback
  • Dancehall Rebel

    Dancehall DJ is a groundbreaking novel portraying a Caribbean Canadian teen challenging the ongoing legacy of homophobia in her  musical and cultural community. Dancehall music and culture is undergoing a…

    $19.95, Paperback
  • Losing Hit Points

    Losing Hit Points is a nerdy queer romance book set against the backdrop of a tabletop Dungeons & Dragons game. A romantic story filled with goblins, adventure, and the healing…

    $16.95, Paperback
  • Luscious Love

    This romance, set amongst Mina’s first summer job, explores new love, body image and the frustrations of working in retail. Centering around first love, cultural expectations, and class, Luscious Love…

    $16.95, Paperback
  • Ableism: Deal With It

    This reader-directed exploration of ableism is both informative and empowering. Author Kimberley Maich uses her experience as a special education specialist, certified teacher, registered psychologist and a board-certified behaviour analyst…

    $24.95, Hardcover
  • Righting Canada’s Wrongs: Inuit Relocations

    In a highly visual and appealing format for young readers, this book explores the many forced relocation of Inuit families and communities in the Canadian Arctic from the 1950s to…

    $34.95, Hardcover

Forthcoming Books

Nature Guides

  • East Coast Trees and Shrubs

    East Coast Trees and Shrubs

    Featuring detailed and informative illustrations, this guide makes it easy to identify and learn more about the most common and important tree and shrub species in Atlantic Canada, no matter the season.

    $24.95, Paperback
  • My First East Coast Bird Book

    My First East Coast Bird Book

    A field guide so kids can learn more about the most common birds found in Canada’s Maritime provinces.

    $19.95, Paperback
  • Canada's East Coast Seashore

    Canada’s East Coast Seashore

    This full-colour book is the perfect companion for anyone who enjoys the Atlantic seashore. From seashells and bugs to birds, plants and seaweed, it provides key information on a wide variety of animals, plants and insects.

    $24.95, Paperback
  • East Coast Backyard Nature Guide

    East Coast Backyard Nature Guide

    A guide to the animals that frequent your yard and the plants that grow wild in your neighbourhood. This fully illustrated field guide includes the East Coast’s most common birds, butterflies, mammals, trees, wildflowers and much more.

    $24.95, Paperback

Regional History Titles

  • Toronto: City of Commerce 1800-1960

    Toronto: City of Commerce 1800-1960

    Archival images and contemporary photos illuminate the history of Toronto’s businesses and industries.

    $29.95, Paperback
  • Mining Country

    Mining Country

    Mining Country offers the stories of Canadian miners from past and present, from pre-settlement aboriginal mines to the development of Vancouver and Toronto as centres of global mining finance.
    $29.95, Paperback
  • Oak Island Illustrated

    Oak Island Illustrated

    A full-colour illustrated book bringing together every major theory about who buried treasure on Nova Scotia’s famed Oak Island, explaining how they could have done it and why they selected this remote location — heavily illustrated with artwork, photographs, maps and artifacts.

    $29.95, Paperback
  • Toronto's Ravines and Urban Forests

    Toronto’s Ravines and Urban Forests

    A guide to the most popular of Torontos unique ravine parks and the trees, birds and plants visitors can easily identify
    $24.95, Paperback

Young Adult Fiction

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