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  • Love, Hope, Optimism

    A portrait of the real Jack Layton through the eyes of neighbours, friends, family and colleagues
    $22.95, Paperback
  • Our Lives: Canada after 1945

    The people, forces, and events that have shaped post-war Canada
    $29.95, Paperback
  • The Canadian Labour Movement: A Short History

    The triumphs and setbacks of workers and the union movement in Canada
    $27.95, Paperback
  • The Golden Age of Liberalism

    Journalist, politician, cabinet minister, Governor-General, New Brunswicker Roméo Leblanc was a leading Liberal politician in the Pearson-Trudeau-Chrétien era when Liberals dominated Canadian politics. He was also an Acadian, proud of his heritage and always conscious of the impact of federal measures on the Maritime Acadian community. This is his biography, written by the noted Acadian historian Naomi Griffiths.
    $17.95, Digital (PDF)
  • The Invasion of Canada

    This popular history of the War of 1812 is generously illustrated with archival images as well as with colour photography taken at historical sites fromthe war.
    $19.95, Paperback
  • Rebels Against Tories in Upper Canada 1837

    Profiles of ordinary people who were caught up in the 1837 Rebellion in Upper Canada.
    $9.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 11-18
  • Ignatieff's World Updated

    A revised and up-dated political biography of the new leader of the federal Liberal party.

    $19.95, Paperback
  • The War of 1812 Against the States (JR)

    Learn all about the War of 1812, when the United States invaded Canada. Told through the stories of six men and women who fought in the war, this book is perfect for young history enthusiasts.

    $9.95, Paperback
  • Rene Levesque

    A shrewd politician, René Lévesque made Quebec separatism a reality. The Parti Québécois thrived because of his passion, integrity, and considerable charm. It has been said that when he spoke to someone, he gave the feeling that he or she was the most important person in the world. In an era when some preferred to use firebombs to get their point across, Lévesque wanted Quebeckers to vote on separation. But in May 1980, the people of Quebec voted a resounding "no." For Lévesque, it was the end of a dream.
    $9.95, Paperback
  • Paul Martin: CEO for Canada?

    This book is an in-depth look at the life of Paul Martin, successful CEO and energetic politician. Murray Dobbin's well-researched, contrarian interpretation of Paul Martin is sure to attract a lot of reader interest.
    $24.95, Paperback
  • Paul Martin

    Published in 1998, Paul Martin examines the business and political record of one of Canada's preeminent public figures.
    $35.00, Hardcover
  • Remembering Richard

    Richard Hatfield was a fascinating and flamboyant politician, equally at home on the dance floor of a New York club or a Tehran market as on the floor of the New Brunswick legislature.
    $12.99, Hardcover
  • The Life and Death of Anna Mae Aquash

    The true story of a Micmac woman, her role in the American Indian Movement - and her unsolved murder.
    $19.95, Paperback
  • Preston Manning and the Reform Party

    The rise and persistence of the Reform Party and its successor the Canadian Alliance has indelibly altered the traditional structures of party politics in Canada.
    $16.95, Paperback
  • The Diary of AndrĂ© Laurendeau

    Laurendeau's diary covers the period of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism, and recounts his encounters with English Canada and Quebecois in the 1960s.
    $16.95, Paperback
  • Agnes Macphail and the Politics of Equality

    Agnes Macphail, Canada's first woman MP, is a heroine for our times: an accomplished politician, committed feminist and a complex, well-rounded human being.
    $45.00, Hardcover
  • Richard Hatfield

    When New Brunswick Liberals crushed Richard Hatfield's Conservative government in the1987 election, winning every seat in the legislature, it marked the end of a high-flying political career comprehending everything from high-performance sports cars to ignominious drug busts.
    $9.95, Paperback
  • Close to Charisma

    Patrick Gossage went to work for Pierre Trudeau as a press secretary in 1976. "You were so green," Trudeau reminisced years later. That very innocence gives a remarkable freshness to these first-hand observations of the Trudeau years.
    $9.95, Paperback
  • Her Excellency Jeanne SauvĂ©

    A small circle of French Canadians who were journalists, intellectuals and politicans had enormous influence on Canadian life in the 60s and 70s. There was one woman among them - and this book tells her story.
    $9.95, Paperback
  • Wife of...

    An irreverent, often hilarious portrait of Washington's powerful and important people by the wife of Canada's former ambassador to the United States.
    $9.95, Paperback
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