An Arctic Man

The classic account of sixty-five years in Canada's North

by Ernie Lyall

A new edition of Ernie Lyall's classic book about life in Northern Canada.
Born in Labrador, one of 19 children of a Scottish Hudson's Bay Company cooper, Lyall grew up in a north dominated by white traders. After adventures that took him around the Arctic and down the Labrador coast, Ernie settled in Fort Ross in the Arctic Islands. He married an Inuit woman, Nipisha, and immediately became part of her extended family. Ernie writes warmly about his Inuit friends and family, and about daily life in the Arctic during a period when the Inuit were living their traditional lifestyle.
Arctic Man offers a rare, privileged view of the peoples of the Canadian Arctic.

About the Author

ERNIE LYALL has lived his entire life in the Canadian north, learning the culture and techniques of its Inuit inhabitants.


"First published in 1979, this memoir by a former Hudson's Bay employee not only offers a unique perspective about Inuit life as it was actually lived on the land but also illustrates how change, southern influence, and the move into permanent communities affected their society. Reprinted with a new foreword."
Prairie Books Now, Fall 2011

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