Bench Brawl

by Trevor Kew

There can only be one winner when hometown pride is on the line
The Helmets and the Gloves have been cross-river rink rivals forever, so when the league decides to merge the two teams to represent their small B.C. town at a big invitational hockey tournament in Vancouver, Luke and his friends are furious. To make matters worse, the coach responsible for the merger is Luke's own father!

Nothing is going right for the newly formed Great River Vikings -- they seem to be more willing to fight amongst themselves than to battle against their opponents.

It will take an outsider -- a new kid from Quebec -- to teach the locals the true meaning of sportsmanship and what it means to be winners for the hometown they represent.

About the Author

Trevor Kew
TREVOR KEW is an English teacher and enthusiastic soccer goalkeeper. He is also the author of six Lorimer Sports Stories novels, including Run for Your Life, Bench Brawl, and Trading Goals. Trevor grew up in B.C. and now lives and works in Japan.


"Bench Brawl [is well-written and very credible. It is an inspirational story that any athlete could appreciate. It also contains valuable life lessons. Readers of all ages would enjoy this book."
Diane Lynch,, NetGalley Reviewer
"I really liked this book as a sports work. I was intrigued by the premise and by the way the team worked out."
Jane Stahl,, Librarian, NetGalley Reviewer
"This is one page-turning, breathtaking, book -- and believe me, you wonÂt be able to put it down for a second."
Bill Baker,, Educator at York Schools, ME

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