City for Sale

Intenational Financiers Take a Major North American City by Storm

by Henry Aubin

City for Sale is a penetrating, myth-shattering analysis of land ownership and related forces behind Canadian urban development in the 1970s.
Who really is in charge of our rapidly changing cities? Who are the individuals, dynasties and cartels that finance and provide so much of the impetus for our bleak, alienating urban landscape?
Investigative reporter Henry Aubin spent almost two years trying to find out. He sifted through musty files for hundreds of hours and interviewed more than 400 people in six countries to mold this prize-winning account. City For Sale examines how Montreal's citizens became disenfranchised residents of their own city. As with many other cities on the North American continent, Montreal's elected officials acted to a large extent as pawns in the game of international finance.
City for Sale is one of the most penetrating, myth-shattering analyses ever made of land ownership and related forces behind urban development in the 1970s.

About the Author

Henry Aubin

HENRY AUBIN is a former reporter with the Washington Post. He now writes for the Montreal Gazette and has won numerous awards for his journalism, including two National Newspaper Award and three consecutive National Business Writing Awards.(more)

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