Competition Deal With It

Deal with it from start to finish

by Mireille Messier

illustrated by Steven Murray

Competition looks at ways kids can harness the competitive spirit to accomplish their goals while managing conflicts that can grow out of challenges and rivalries.
A competitive streak can be the driving force behind excellence in school, sports, and other pursuits. Some young people take competition too far, however, or fear competition and avoid it at all costs. Competition looks at ways young people can harness the competitive spirit to accomplish their goals while managing conflicts that can grow out of challenges, rivalry, and other forms of competition.

About the Authors

Mireille Messier

MIREILLE MESSIER is a children's literature reviewer and columnist. She is also the author of two children's novels and a series of non-fiction books in French. She lives in Toronto.

Steven Murray

STEVEN MURRAY is an award-winning, Toronto-based illustrator and a graduate of Sheridan College's prestigious Interpretive Illustration program. His unique blend of humour and art has been consistently on display in publications such as The Globe and Mail, National Post, and The Toronto Star.


"Competition is a well illustrated book showing excellent examples of healthy and unhealthy competition. ... The author does an excellent presentation of good and bad competition. Readers will mature in reactions to competition as they learn to make good choices and realize that they are empowered to choose how they will compete with fairness and dignity."
The SouthWestern Ohio Young Adult Materials Review Group
"Text is simple and uses the popular language of tweens and young teens. Short sections and a good variety of presentation formats will keep the reader's attention, while sound advice, sample scenarios and suggestions for altering behaviour, without sounding preachy, will give young people plenty of ideas for gaining control of their own behaviours."
CM: Canadian Review of Materials
"By showing the fun and positive side of competition, the authors deflate the negative reputation that extreme competition has earned and which can be easily seen in politics, business, and professional sports. Strategies for handling this type of competitive drive are provided. The excellence of this well-done series makes this reviewer anxious to see forthcoming books."
C.J. Bott, Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)

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