Face Off

by Christine Forsyth

Playing centre for the A-line is tough. Mitch figures he's got what it takes--until his best friend suddenly becomes his No. 1 rival on the ice.

Mitch Stevens is a pretty hot hockey player: he's fast, he's smart and he's tough. He plays centre on the A-line of his Toronto Pee Wee team, the Hillcrest Stingers, with his best friend Zack Andermann on right wing.

Mitch and Zack have been linemates since they were five, so when they have to compete for a single spot on the league's select team best friends become fierce rivals. Soon the pressure of competition drives them apart, and they're forced to choose between their friendship and their ambitions.

Face Off is a fast moving story that illustrates the conflicts that young people face in competitive athletics.

About the Author

Christine Forsyth

CHRISTINE FORSYTH is a Toronto-based writer and graphic designer. She is the author of Face Off, Hockey Heat Wave, Power Hitter and Katie's Midnight Ride. Power Hitter and Katies Midnight Ride are Canadian Children's Book Centre "Our Choice" selections. She is also the author of the Lorimer SideStreets YA novel Adrenaline High.


"The action never stops from the first smack of the puck to the final showdown with the arch rivals.... There is plenty of natural and realistic dialogue and the off-ice action is just as energetic as that in the rink."
Alison Campbell, Resource Links

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