by David Trifunov

Angry at class differences in his new city, a teen finds confidence in a new sport. Freerunner explores jealousy, status and self-esteem on and off the play area.

After stealing a pair of headphones and trying to run, climb and jump his way out of trouble, fourteen-year-old Patrick is surprised when the police officer is willing to get the charges dropped. But there's one condition — Patrick has to train with him in parkour, or freerunning.

Patrick must train extra hard to catch up to his new teammates and finds that he has a talent for parkour. When he develops a special friendship with a girl named Parker at the club, it creates tension with a teammate who is threatened by his success in the sport and his bond with Parker. Can Patrick and his rival put aside their differences when the parkour action intensifies?

About the Author

David Trifunov
DAVID TRIFUNOV is an award-winning sportswriter and journalist whose work has appeared in newspapers, magazines and websites across Canada and the United States. He is the author of the Sports Stories novels Snow Soccer and Ice Time. He lives in Kelowna, B.C.


"As with other books in the Lorimer Sports Stories series, a lot of technical information about parkour is conveyed in this novel . . . Parkour is the perfect training for Patrick, who needs to literally and figuratively find the best way to negotiate his path in life."
Patricia Jermey, Resource Links
"This is a fast-paced book with a lot of good action and a positive message ... I found it a fast and entertaining read. My attention never lagged and it was a great length for the age group."
Lara Lillibridge, NetGalley
"A great book for middle school aged [readers who are looking for a fast pace, action-packed book. Parents will love this book for the positive message the story sends to young readers."

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