Gone Bad

by Lesley Choyce

A story about youth and violence from one of Canada's most popular YA authors.
Chosen as one of Resource Links' Year's Best for 2011

Cody and his friends call it street cleaning--four of them beating up on one guy they don't like the looks of. Cody partakes in the action, even though he'd rather be taking out his aggression on his drum kit. A drummer without a band is one lost dude, so Cody soon hooks up with Kelsey and guitar playing Alex.
Cody manages to keep his destructive tendencies under wraps long enough for the band to start to have a following. But before success comes knocking, Cody's old friends show up with a score to settle. Cody needs to decide whether the time is right to come clean about his past and face the consequences.
Lesley Choyce has revised and updated his 1994 Ann Connor Brimer Award winning novel published under the title Good Idea Gone Bad. His story of teens looking for trouble is as fresh today as it
was when it was first published.

About the Author

Lesley Choyce
LESLEY CHOYCE is the author of 65 books for adults, teens, and children. He hosts a nationally syndicated TV talk show on BookTelevision. Lesley lives at Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia.


"Cody's character is well-developed, and the way he changes and matures over the course of the novel is believable. Gone Bad has a very strong anti-violence message, but the engaging plot and Cody's characterization keep the novel from seeming didactic.
...The novel is fast paced and full of action and tense moments. It is written in simple language that makes it ideal for students who read below grade level or are learning English as a second language.
... a recommended purchase for public and school libraries."
Mark Tara Stieglitz, CM: Canadian Review of Materials
" Gone Bad joins the other 35 books in the Lorimer SideStreets Series which bring hard-hitting issues to teen readers in effective but accessible prose. The newest editions are now available in e-book format as well. I will certainly be recommending these titles to students looking for easy reads with an edge."
Patricia Jermey, Resource Links
"The story's anti-bullying message is well integrated into the plot, and Cody's gritty past is honestly portrayed."
The Horn Book Guide


One of the Year's Best for 2011 - Resource Links

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