Heartbreak High

by Nazneen Sadiq

Rachel and Tariq are high school students who are crazy about each other. Rachel is Jewish and Tariq is Muslim, and they find themselves fighting with their parents and even with each other.
Rachel couldn't take her eyes off the coal black hair of the boy seated in front of her. All she could concentrate on was that black hair. Maybe she was going a little crazy?
After school, Tariq's friend Andrew beat him round the corner as they sped home on their bicycles. Tariq could have won--but suddenly the face of the girl he had just met in chemistry class floated through his mind. For Rachel Steiner and Tariq Kahn, this should have been just another high school romance. But it wasn't: Rachel was Jewish and Tariq was Muslim.
Heartbreak High is the poignant story of two young people who find themselves at war with their parents over issues they don't really understand--and the solutions don't come easily.

About the Author

Nazneen Sadiq

NAZNEEN SADIQ was born in Pakistan in and moved to Canada in 1964. Inspired by the experiences of her own children and those of her friends, she writes to tell something of what it is like to be Canadian and South Asian growing up in Canada.

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