Homophobia Deal With It

Deal with it and turn prejudice into pride

by Steven Solomon

illustrated by Nick Johnson

A timely resource for helping kids understand and resolve conflicts stemming from homophobia and bullying

That's so gay! It's a phrase commonly heard in school halls and playgrounds. But when used as a put-down, it's also homophobic. With plenty of quizzes, Q+As, comics, and scenarios, this interactive and highly visual new book in the Deal With It series helps kids determine what is -- and what isn't -- homophobia, and what they can do to make their schools, homes, and communities more safe and inclusive for everyone.

About the Authors

STEVEN SOLOMON is the school social worker for the Toronto District School Boards Human Sexuality Program. He provides counselling for students who are bullied because of their sexuality and delivers anti-homophobia workshops for K-12 students. In 2012 he was awarded a TDSB Excellence Award, in part for his work helping students to establish Gay-Straight Alliances in schools.

NICK JOHNSON is a writer/illustrator living in Calgary, Alberta, where he co-founded the independent comic book label Vicious Ambitious.


"This accessible book defines homophobia and leads readers to consider seriously their own actions and attitudes, and how they can learn to treat everyone with respect. . . . This will be a useful book that could generate much production discussion about homophobia and its direct effect on the lives of middle school students."
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"Overall, I believe that the content is valuable, and the sidebars are quite informative. . . The sections of the book that focus on what homophobia is are actually very important aspects of the text, especially in our current social context where homophobia gets tossed around to a great degree" Recommended
Rob Bittner, CM: Canadian Review of Materials


Best Books for Kids & Teens *Starred Selection* - Canadian Children's Book Centre

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