Libby On Strike

by Robert Rayner

Libby Meek is too busy to just play. Will a strike give her more free time?

Libby Meek is busy -- too busy. Between art class and youth group, skiing and piano lessons, Libby discovers that she no longer has time to just play. When her parents ignore Libby's demands for more free time, she decides to go on strike to prove her point. Along the way, both Libby and her parents discover the importance of balancing work and play.

Fry Reading Level - 3.9


About the Author

Robert Rayner
ROBERT RAYNER is a former elementary school principal in St. George, New Brunswick. He worked as a journalist in Cambridge, England before turning to education. His books featuring the kids of Brunswick Valley include Walker's Runners, nominated for the Ann Connor Brimer Award, Just for Kicks and Falling Star both Hackmatack Award nominees, and the Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice selections Suspended and Miss Little's Losers.


"The story line is laid out in a manner that is easily followed, and what there is of plot tension is resolved at the end. Vocabulary level is consistent across the 14 chapters. I would suggest that the content of this book will appeal to younger readers in the age range and primarily to girls. It might serve well as a read-aloud."


Catherine Howett, a Research and Resource Centre Coordinator and advocate for school libraries, lives in Vancouver, BC.

, CM Magazine - Volume 15, Number 10

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