40 Delicious Recipes for Canada's East Coast Delicacy

by Elaine Elliot and Virginia Lee

A bounty of delicious, modern lobster recipes from Canada's top kitchens!

This cookbook offers all kinds of great ideas for preparing Canada's east coast delicacy. Of course there are instructions for the best boiled lobster anyone has ever tasted, but there are also comfort food recipes for Lobster Poutine and Maritime Lobster Roll, as well as fancier dishes like Butter Poached Lobster, and even Lobster Truffle Gnocchi with Lobster Emulsion.

Authors Elaine Elliot and Virginia Lee went to some of Canada's finest chefs to get their best ideas for preparing lobster. The cookbook includes a delicious and unusual Lobster Chowder, Lobster Bisque , and Lobster Soufflé. Chef Stefan Czapalay has contributed some great new favourites like Lobster Mac 'n' Cheese, Lobster Shabu Shabu, and Lobster Caesar Salad.

All the recipes have been adapted and tested for home cooking. They are illustrated in full colour throughout the book. As well, there's an introduction that answers every question about lobsters: when they are in season, how to tell male from female, how to pick the tastiest lobster with the most meat, and how east coast Canadian lobster differs from its American lobster neighbour.

About the Authors

Virginia Lee
Virginia Lee

ELAINE ELLIOT is a food enthusiast who has spent countless weekends seeking out new and exciting food ideas at fine restaurants and inns. Her previous cookbooks include twelve titles, ranging on subjects from Maple Syrup to Fishcakes. Elaine is also co-author of the bestselling Maritime Flavours Guidebook and Cookbook. She lives in Kentville, Nova Scotia.

VIRGINIA LEE is the author of Pacific Flavours Guidebook and Cookbook and with her sister, Elaine Elliot, is the co-author of Maritime Flavours Guidebook and Cookbook as well as several other cookbooks specializing in coastal cuisine. She is a native Nova Scotian and she divides her time between Lower Canard, Nova Scotia and Memphis, Tennessee.


"The Flavour Series features recipes from coast to coast that stir together traditional, trendy, and innovative in a delectable way."
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