Maurice Richard

The Most Amazing Hockey Player Ever

by Chris Robinson

The incredible story of hockey star Maurice Richard's which coincides with a transitional period in Quebec history and expresses the emergence of a self-confident Quebec society.

Maurice Richard was the greatest hockey player of the 20th century. He was also the most popular and respected hero of French-speaking Canadians. His career paralleled the dramatic changes that occurred in Quebec after the Second World War, when the Quebecois people asserted their equality and their rights.

This new biography of Richard records his incredible career as a hockey player. It traces the connections between his successes on the ice and the growing self-confidence of the French-speaking people of Quebec.

About the Author

CHRIS ROBINSON is an Ottawa-based writer. He is the artistic director of the Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) and is a well-known figure in the animated film world. His writings on animation, hockey, film and books have appeared in many international publications including The Ottawa Citizen, The Ottawa Xpress,, Ottawa Magazine, Stop Smiling, Take One, and Cinemascope.


"...looks at his [Richard's effect on the Canadiens as a franchise, the way he brought it back from the brink of collapse...and gave Quebecers a team to get behind as a culture."
Ian Fairclough, Chronicle Herald
"Here is a book that helps put life on the topic of 'Quebec - the second half of the 20th century' into a more passionate and disgestible format."
Mary Moroska, Canadian Teacher
"These mass market paperbacks are aimed at younger readers, yet I do not find the writing to be too young to insult an older reader by any means.
In fact, this is a solid introduction to the great story of one of hockey's all time greats, regardless of age."
Joe Pelletier,

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