Open Ice

by David Trifunov

A young teen girl tries to unite her co-ed hockey team and prove to herself and everyone else that she can play.

Jill may not be the best hockey player, but she has spirit and loves to play. Her great attitude and dedication even got her named captain of her girls' team. As their winning season ends, Jill knows she'll miss hockey and her teammates. So when she hears about co-ed three-on-three summer hockey, Jill doesn't think twice about signing up, thinking it'll give her the chance to improve her game. But playing with boys isn't what she expected. They don't take co-ed hockey seriously enough for Jill's liking, and they don't pass to girls unless the rules say they need a "girl goal." Jill needs to figure out a way to make them all good teammates — boys and girls — to make this new style of hockey feel like the game she loves.

About the Author

David Trifunov

DAVID TRIFUNOV is an award-winning sportswriter whose previous titles for Lorimer Kids and Teens include Ice Time, Snow Soccer and Free Runner. He lives in Kelowna, B.C.


"An excellent addition to any school library and would certainly help with dialogue on fairness and equality in recreational sports."

CM: Canadian Review of Materials

"Written as an excellent play-by-play in the world of competitive hockey for young players."

CM: Canadian Review of Materials

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