Pool Princess

by Michele Martin Bossley

Gracie never wanted to move to Calgary. Now she has to make new friends and adjust to a new school. The only bright spot is the synchronized swimming team.

When Gracie is suddenly moved from the life she loves in Cochrane, Alberta, to the big city of Calgary, she feels lost. She leaves behind her school, her friends, and worst of all her synchronized swimming team.

So things start to look up when she finds a new team in the city: she's excited to be training with some of the best swimmers in the province. When Rosalyn, the star of the Calgary team, starts driving Gracie to shape up fast or quit, she's relieved to see the familiar face of Christy Aldredge, the top swimmer at her Cochrane synchro club. Talking with Christy, Gracie finds allies in her stand against Rosalyn's unfair bullying.

Pool Princess is a story about the pressures of competitive amateur sport, and about how friendship can help overcome them.

About the Author

Michele Martin Bossley
MICHELE MARTIN BOSSLEY was born in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A., but grew up in Calgary from the time she was five. She is the author of ten other childrens books including Taking a Dive runner-up for the R. Ross Annett Award in Children's Literature and The Perfect Gymnast nominated for the 1999 Manitoba Reader's Choice Award. One of her more recent books Pool Princess has been nominated for a Golden Eagle Children's Choice Award. Michele has been involved in both synchronized swimming and competitive swimming since her teens. She has also coached young swimmers and draws on much of that experience for her books.


"Pool Princess is natural in voice and flows well. The novel provides strategies for dealing with bullies in the form of straightforward advice from Gracie's family and friends."
"... highly recommended."
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"The author has done a good job of documenting the progression of the conflict with all its complications, manifestations of fear and guilt, and the various attempts by the protagonists to work out a solution by themselves. The plot is well-structured, fast-paced and has depth. The confrontations supply a build-up of tension."
"...realistic; not perfect, but hopeful and encouraging."
"The characters and their relationships are believable. You'll see them in any school. Any young reader who is being victimized will relate to Gracie's pain and Zachary's terror. The dialogue is natural, well-written and brings the characters sharply to life."
"Both characters are likeable. Watching them go through the change to more confident personaities by the end of the story is rewarding."
"This book will appeal equally to both genders, and is a fine edition to a lengthy list of Lorimer Sports Stories with its authentic insights into the highly competitive world of synchronized swimming."
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Golden Eagle Children's Choice Book Award
Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice Selection

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