by Peter McPhee

Kyle's fourteen-year-old sister has run away. Haunted by the idea that Meghan's disappearance is his fault, Kyle sets off to track her down.

Kyle never expected to see Calgary's hard side--its seedy neighbourhoods marked with trash-filled lots, abandoned buildings, abandoned lives. But when his 14-year-old sister Meghan runs away from home, he knows he has to track her down.
Soon Kyle discovers a dark world of after-hours clubs, desperate street kids, drugs and violence. As he gradually uncovers clues about Meghan's whereabouts, he realizes that she is in grave danger and his search becomes an urgent race against time. Kyle is willing to do what it takes to save Meghan--but will it be enough?
Set against the gritty world of Calgary's inner-city, Runner is a suspenseful story of a brother's love for his troubled sister.

About the Author

Peter McPhee

Peter McPhee
PETER McPHEE, a Southern Alberta-based writer, was for many years an editor and film critic for the Winnipeg Sun. His plays have been produced at Winnipeg's Prairie Theatre Exchange and Calgary's Alberta Theatre Projects. He has written several books for both children and young adults, including Runner and A Way With Horses, both Canadian Children's Book Centre "Our Choice" Selections.


"Runner gives us a fascinating view of Calgary's underside. Through skillful storytelling and strong characterizations, Peter McPhee has crafted an exciting read."
Monica Hughes
"Readers get a look at the darker side of life in McPhee's tale of a high-school football player who is searing for his runaway sister. ...A page-turner with no happy ending, this is a realistic picture of street life."
School Library Journal
" exciting story of a life on the streets of Calgary. It is hard to put this book down once you start reading it because of the suspense that builds throughout Kyle's search for Meghan."
Connie Hall, Resource Links


Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice Selection

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