Supreme at Last

The Evolution of the Supreme Court of Canada

by Peter McCormick

A short history of the Canadian Supreme Court focusing on how the court became the powerful institution it is today.

The Supreme Court of Canada is always in the news. Whether the issue is Aboriginal fishing rights or the rights of same-sex couples, the Court often makes groundbreaking decisions on controversial topics.

This book, a history of the Canadian Supreme Court, explains how the court slowly emerged as the powerful and influential institution it is today. Using 1949 as the year of birth for the modern Supreme Court, Peter McCormick traces the court's development from an institution of relatively minor importance to one that is central to Canadian society. McCormick discusses key cases and looks at the lasting influence of each Chief Justice.

Supreme at Last is a unique portrait of a political institution whose power is on the rise.

About the Author

Peter McCormick

Peter McCormick
PETER McCORMICK teaches political science at the University of Lethbridge.

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