Trading Goals

by Trevor Kew

Vicky is going to need support to succeed at her new school.

When Vicky and her mom pack up and move across the city to a new neighborhood, it means switching schools and leaving behind her best friend and her soccer team. Now she'll have to try out for goalkeeper with her former rivals, deal with racism at her new school, and struggle to maintain loyalty to her old friends while making new ones. Vicky is awesome in net and tries to keep focused on her goals and the game she loves, but it's not easy without the support of her friends and family.

[Fry reading level - 4.6

About the Author

Trevor Kew
TREVOR KEW is an English teacher and enthusiastic soccer goalkeeper. He is also the author of six Lorimer Sports Stories novels, including Run for Your Life, Bench Brawl, and Trading Goals. Trevor grew up in B.C. and now lives and works in Japan.


Overall, Trading Goals is a great book for children in this age group(10-13) whether they are soccer fans or not.
Highly Recommended.
Lisa O'Hara, CM: Canadian Review of Materials


Nominated for the Spring 2011 Sakura Medal in Japan

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