by Steven Sandor

Swimmer Andy is determined to make it to nationals so he uses a viral video to crowdfund his trip there. But when he pranks a promising female swimmer on camera, all that attention turns sour.

Andy's never been closer to his dream of making it to nationals. When a video of him flutterboard surfing goes viral, he uses the opportunity to crowdfund his trip there. But he goes from hero to zero when he pranks a promising female swimmer on camera. Everyone sees it, and no one is impressed. Banned from nationals and kicked off his swim team, he's got to unplug from his viral nightmare and figure out how to get his life— and his dream— back on course.

About the Author

Steven Sandor

STEVEN SANDOR is an award-winning magazine editor, author and sports broadcaster. He has written three other sports novels, Replay , Playing for Keeps, and Crack Coach. He lives and writes in Edmonton, Alberta.


" intense, fast-paced story about the less attractive aspects of jock culture and how they can play out on social media … Written in clear, simple sentences with an emphasis on plot development, Trolled is a timely reminder that it is never acceptable to mock or belittle others, online or in real life."
Roseanne Gauthier, National Reading Campaign
"Trolled is an important story in the current climate where cyber bullying is commonplace, anonymity allows people to say anything, and punishment often will far exceed the perceived crime... By using social media as a story tool, Sandor graphically illustrates what the effects of going viral can mean. It is also very telling of how social media can be used so quickly and cruelly to shame people and the devastating ripple effect it can have. Sandor has created a story that is current and relatable for readers... Highly Recommended"
Libby McKeever, Librarian, CM Magazine
"People say that they didn't mean anything racist, but that doesn't stop it from being racist. Andy, with the help of one girl he hurt, learns that lesson...That is HUGE. I am so impressed that a YA book covered it and covered it so brilliantly."
Isaiah Roby, Reviewer,, NetGalley


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