You’re You

by Mette Bach

A believable portrayal of a politically active LGBTQ teen who has always identified as a lesbian. When Freyja finds herself attracted to a South Asian boy, she comes to a new identity for herself as bisexual.

Freyja, leader on her school's Gay-Straight Alliance, is a politically active 17-year-old who has always identified as a lesbian. When her girlfriend breaks up with her, she is upset and has to distance herself from her ex and the pride video blog they created together. Freyja needs a new cause so she starts volunteering at the local food bank. There, she learns about food justice and begins to develop feelings for her male team leader, Sanjay. When Freyja is accused of "going-straight" she has to decide if she can reconcile with self-identifying as a bisexual and take a chance on love with Sanjay.

About the Author

Mette Bach
METTE BACH was born in Denmark and raised in Delta, B.C. She is the author of the teen novels Love is Love, Femme, and Killer Drop. She lives in Vancouver, where she teaches ESL to high school students and runs a meal program for homeless and at-risk youth at Directions Youth Services.


"This hi-lo novel ... handles Freyja's learning experiences reasonably well."
Kirkus Reviews
"This novel flows quickly, and would be suitable for high school students who may be struggling with shaping their identity and sexuality, who may be curious about the heaviness of the political state of the world, or who may be dealing with a breakup. Rated G: Good, even great at times, generally useful!"
Sarah Atkinson, Resource Links
"A fast-paced plot and clearly delineated characters examine a gender issue that is often not addressed in the quest for acceptance of LGBTQ young people: discomfort with bisexuality ... For this reason alone, I will include this title in my library collection. Recommended."
Wendy Phillips, teacher-librarian, CM: Canadian Review of Materials

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