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  • Mi’kmaw Moons

    Traditional teachings about the moon cycles and their relation to the natural history of Mi’kma’ki on Canada’s East Coast


    $24.95, Paperback
  • Fresh, Local and Delicious

    A collection of Indigenous inspired recipes that focus on East Coast ingredients and include the region’s abundant seafood, game, fruits and vegetables.

    $29.95, Paperback
  • The Summer Between Us

    Award-winning African Nova Scotian writer Andre Fenton’s third novel tackles contemporary social issues such as class difference and colourism in the Black community in this vibrant coming-of-age story.

    $14.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 13-18
    Reading level: Grade 3
  • Oak Island Illustrated

    A full-colour illustrated book bringing together every major theory about who buried treasure on Nova Scotia’s famed Oak Island, explaining how they could have done it and why they selected this remote location — heavily illustrated with artwork, photographs, maps and artifacts.

    $29.95, Paperback
  • Best East Coast Jams, Pickles, Preserves and Breads

    The best East Coast pickle, canning, preserving and bread recipes, updated and tested for today.

    $29.95, Paperback
  • The Peggy’s Cove Barrens: Rock, Life, Sea and Sky

    A collection of 100 stunning photographs that capture the rugged beauty of the boulder-strewn barrens around Peggy’s Cove through the changing seasons.

    $29.95, Paperback
  • 25 Family Adventures in Nova Scotia

    The best family travel destinations — with tips and tricks for maximum fun.

    $24.95, Paperback
  • East Coast Backyard Nature Guide

    A guide to the animals that frequent your yard and the plants that grow wild in your neighbourhood. This fully illustrated field guide includes the East Coast's most common birds, butterflies, mammals, trees, wildflowers and much more.

    $24.95, Paperback
  • Hand Drawn Halifax

    Immensely appealing colourful drawings and a quirky but affectionate view of the neighbourhoods of Halifax
    $24.95, Paperback
  • The Ultimate Nova Scotia Quiz Book

    Ideal for road trips, rainy days or summers at the cabin, heres a quiz book that will keep the kids entertained and amused.
    $14.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 8-12
  • The East Coast's Best Lobster Rolls

    Lobster roll recipes from local chefs and restaurants from Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick, selected and tested by seasoned cookbook authors Elaine Elliot and Virginia Lee.

    $16.95, Paperback
  • The Nova Scotia Bucket List

    Make the most out of your visit and tick off as many of these 25 bucket list destinations as you can!

    $24.95, Paperback
  • Birchtown and the Black Loyalist Experience

    This book describes the experiences of Black Loyalists who took up the British offer of freedom in exchange for their support in the American Revolution. Some fleeing from slavery, the Black Loyalists encountered hardships, racism, and neglect at the hands of the British authorities.
    $16.95, Paperback
  • East Coast Favourite Fishcakes

    Versatile recipes for all kinds of fishcakes, featuring East Coast seafood, and including tasty accompaniments like pickles, relishes and chutneys.
    $16.95, Paperback
  • East Coast Fossils

    This book explores the complex geological history of the Maritime provinces and is a handy guide for finding fossils along its shores and trails.

    $14.95, Paperback
  • East Coast Seabirds

    An easy to use, illustrated guidebook to the birds found on the shores, beaches, and marshes of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. Also included are seasonal visitors passing through on their way to Canada's North.
    $14.95, Paperback
  • Oak Island and its Lost Treasure

    Two experienced mining engineers familiar with the history of mining technologies reveal the time period and the design logic of the flood tunnels which have prevented looting of the treasure buried on Nova Scotia's Oak Island.
    $24.95, Paperback
  • The Secret Treasures of Oak Island

    An unexpected trip to Oak Island leads Joel and Emma on a mysterious treasure hunt.
    $14.95, Paperback
  • My River

    When Stella was told she couldn't swim in her back yard river because hundreds of houses flushed their raw sewage into it she decided to try to do something about the issue. This is the true story of Stella's astonishingly successful grade six science project to clean up the LaHave River.
    $16.99, Digital (ePub)
    Interest ages: 7-11
    Reading level: Grade 4
    Lexile Reading Level: 720L
  • Bluenose

    The extensively illustrated story of Nova Scotia's iconic Bluenose
    $19.95, Paperback
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