SHIELA ENSLEV JOHNSTON is a proud military brat who has lived around the world with her military father, Jens Enslev. Generation after generation of the Enslev family has served as soldiers, both in Canada and in Denmark. Sheila continued this tradition by joining the Canadian Armed Forces in 1986. First classified as a communications officer, she transferred to the artillery when the Armed Forces opened up the combat arms to women, making her one of Canada’s first female artillery officers. Sheila left the army to continue her academic studies in military affairs. She has worked as a defence analyst for the Conference of Defence Associations and provided geo-political and military research to Jane’s Defence of Great Britain. She has published numerous academic papers within her field, but her most personal project to date was her children’s book A Father to Be Proud Of. This brightly coloured picture book explains a father’s absence to his young children as he prepares to leave on a United Nations tour. Being raised by a single father within the military culture, Sheila is deeply committed to all issues of quality of life and family support. She has served on various Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) boards of directors and sat for four years on the National Advisory Board for Military Families. Sheila is married to Major Paul Johnston and has four children.

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