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Dear Teachers and Librarians,

Like you, we believe in the importance of literacy for kids. We know getting kids to read is best done by giving them books that they want to read – ones that appeal to their own interests and reflect their daily lives. That’s why we are careful to publish books with themes and issues that resonate with Canadian kids and teens today and why we publish them in series. There’s comfort and familiarity in a series, making them easier for you to recommend and more likely for kids to want to keep reading.

Take some time to browse this website, and you’ll find terrific fiction from emerging voices in Canadian children’s literature and many by well-known veterans. Our series which are described below and whose books have been selected as Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Bets and nominated for reader’s choice awards throughout the country, are rich with enticing reading for kids of all ages and abilities. We know that getting kids reading is what you want the most – and we are doing our best to help you achieve that.

— James Lorimer, Publisher

Dedicated Websites


SideStreets are edgy, issue-based contemporary fiction for young adults. These books offer drama and emotion, but with a realistic approach. Their low reading level (3.5 to 5.5) makes them suitable for a wide range of teens.


Recordbooks are hi/lo sports history books that show how sport has lead to social change. The focus is on sports stars who have addressed issues of race, gender equality and discrimination. An easy-to-read design including plenty of text boxes and photos and a narrative non-fiction style of writing helps ensure these short books appeal to reluctant and struggling readers ages 12 and up.

Righting Canada’s Wrongs

A new visual series on discrimination and justice in Canada. The series focuses on events drawn from Canadian history where governments have acknowledged and apologized for racist actions and policies. Combining historical information with documents, photos, and first-person accounts, the series is geared to making history accessible to today’s students. (A Resource Guide prepared by the Critical Thinking Consortium is available for these books.)

Sports Stories

Sports Stories are sports fiction for boys and girls ages 10-13. There are over 100 books in the series which address common sports issues and focus on popular sports like hockey, basketball, and soccer, along with some more specialized ones like rock climbing, skateboarding, and kayaking. This combination of fast-paced, sports-driven plot and a low reading level (3.0 to 4.9) make these novels a hit with a wide range of young people. They’re great for reluctant, struggling readers.

Real Justice

The Real Justice series features true stories of young people wrongfully convicted of murder. Throughout their ordeals, they maintained their innocence and fought back, eventually proving they were not guilty. The books feature black-and-white photos, a glossary, an index, and a low reading level (4.0-5.0) making them suitable for a wide range of teens. Curriculum tie-ins with law, global history, civics, and social studies. 

Real Love

Real Love is a new collection of hi/lo YA novels that focus on realistic teen relationships. The novels feature diverse teen characters in contemporary setg, sex, body image, LGBTQ issues, and more. 

From authors who write from real-world experience, these contemporary YA romances will engage the most reluctant teen readers.

Podium Sports Academy

Fast-paced sports fiction for teens written at a grade 3.0 reading level. Inspired by the true stories of kids at elite sports high schools. The series features a recurring cast of multicultural characters, with each character specializing in a high-interest sport. The contemporary storylines address real teen issues such as hazing, drug use, and eating disorders. 

Deal With It

Deal With It books are 32-page, graphic novel style non-fiction books that help kids (ages 9-12) deal with all forms of conflict by giving them realistic scenarios, question and answers, and quizzes to help them work their way through problems. The series includes books on bullying, cyberbullying, fighting, teasing, racism and many other topics. They are best used in a teacher or counsellor-lead session, or in groups with their peers. (A Resource Guide is also available for these books.)

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