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All eBooks sold on this site are in the either EPUB or PDF format secured with Adobe ADEPT Digital Rights Management (DRM). This combination is supported on PCs and MACs, Sony Readers and some other similar readers such as the Cooler and the Elonex reader. Digital Rights Management is used to limit the ability to copy eBooks and ties your purchased eBooks to the Adobe Account you are using on the PC you download to. It is possible to use your account across up to six different devices authorised to the account including readers, laptops and desktops.

Always ensure that you have setup your account in Digital Editions before you download an eBook to a new machine. When changing machines, take a note of your login details to ensure that you can retain access to your library.

Check that your e-reader is supported

To check if your device is supported by Adobe Digital Editions click here.

Installing Adobe Digital Editions

You must install and activate Adobe Digital Editions before downloading content. This is free software from Adobe and can be downloaded from www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/.

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