Ace and the Misfits

by Eddie Kawooya

New to Canada, Ace is battling ignorance, bullying, and a new culture. Now he seeks to regain his confidence and show himself he has the tools to make it in his new life.

In his debut novel, Eddie Kawooya presents a fish-out-of-water story of immigration and the pains and joys of integration into a new and sometimes frightening environment.

Arriving in Canada, Ace finds himself living in a basement apartment, having to integrate into a new community where he is the “African.” Struggling with his grades and his self worth, he finds ignorance and bullying at school until he falls in with a crew of international misfits who understand what he’s going through.

With their support, Ace starts to regain the confidence he lost in the move and his subsequent troubles. He wants to show himself and his misfit friends that he has the tools to make it in his new life.  This book tackles self esteem and how it can be easily lost when one feels alone.

At the core of this story is the isolation a child feels after his world is snatched from him, and the journey of self worth and self confidence he must undertake to rise above it.

About the Author

Eddie Kawooya

EDDIE KAWOOYA was born in Uganda and raised on three different continents before settling in Canada. His love for writing was inspired by his grandmother's oral stories and folklore of Uganda's ancestral past. As an immigrant to Canada, he is passionate about issues related to race, inclusion and diversity. He has spent years honing his craft in the field of public policy, corporate governance, and strategic communications. Ace and the Misfits is his first full-length novel. He lives in Toronto.


“…full of charming personalities… A heartwarming journey.”

Kirkus Reviews

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