Adventure on Thunder Island

by Edna King and Jordan Wheeler

In these tales set among the Ojibwa First Nation, the supernatural is everywhere and exciting events happen every day.

In this book, children of the Ojibwa First Nation learn the stories of their culture by living them.

Jessica takes a ride on her brother's raft and is washed ashore on Thunder Island. Jack Waboose meets a troll in Colony Creek and trades a golden walnut for a Frisbee. Troy accepts a dare to catch birds on Pidgeon Bridge and gets trapped. Milton Whitehawk takes a walk in Ebony Forest and meets a mysterious girl who says that she's his sister.

These are the stories that you will read about in Adventure on Thunder Island, tales in which the supernatural is everywhere, and exciting events happen every day.

About the Authors

Edna King

EDNA KING is an Ojibwa from the Beausoleil band. Her stories have appeared in several anthologies, including Do Whales Jump at Night?

Jordan Wheeler

JORDAN WHEELER is the author of Brothers in Arms, a novel for young adult readers, and numerous short stories. He is Cree.(more)

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