Baseball Crazy

by Martyn Godfrey

When Rob wins a contest to be the Blue Jays' Special Batboy, he can't believe his luck.

Rob wins a contest to be the Toronto Blue Jays' bat boy during spring training in Florida. He not only meets his baseball heroes, he's one of the team.

When some of the players' equipment mysteriously disappears from a locked cupboard, however, team morale drops and Rob worries he's a suspect. To save his reputation and the Blue Jays' season, he scrambles to solve the mystery.

Baseball Crazy fulfills every fan's dream to work and play in the big leagues.

About the Author

Martyn Godfrey

MARTYN GODFREY was one of Canada's most popular writers of fiction for young people. He wrote over forty books, including Plan B Is Total Panic and Mystery in the Frozen Lands, both published by Lorimer. He died in 2000.


"Baseball Crazy is a fast-paced hit."

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