Beginner’s Guide to Space Set

by John A. Read and Jennifer Read

Find answers to kids most asked questions in the 5 volume Beginner's Guide to Space set!

Kids are curious about space. Learning about space isn't rocket science!

Space educator, author and YouTuber John Read answers kids most asked questions in the 5 volume Beginner's Guide to Space set. These books are perfect for kids who want to know about space exploration and the stars.

Each book in the set features:

  • Clear and concise information
  • More than 150 colour photographs
  • Connections to space, astronomy, history and STEM subject matter
  • A glossary of terms and information
  • Accessible reading levels for kids aged 10-14
  • Author John Read's YouTube channel has plenty of content which ties back to the books

About the Authors

John A. Read
John A. Read
Jennifer Read
Jennifer Read

JOHN A. READ's journey into astronomy began with a small and rickety telescope purchased at his local pharmacy. He found it fascinating to observe the Moon and Saturn with its rings using such meagre equipment. He decided to share these views with others. After writing his first book, 50 Things to See with a Telescope, John retired from a career in corporate finance. He is also the author of 50 Things to See on the Moon and co-author of 50 Animals that Have Been to Space. He is now a telescope operator at the Burke-Gaffney Observatory, a board member of the Halifax Centre of the royal Astronomical Society of Canada and is studying astrophysics at Saint Mary's University. He lives with his family in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

JENNIFER READ grew up in the hills outside San Francisco. A passion for animals led her to a prestigious internship with American Humanes Film and Television Unit in Los Angeles, California, where she worked on movie sets with wolves, horses and many other animals. Jennifer is now a member of the Junior Bengal Lancers, an equestrian society located in Halifax. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with her husband and writing partner John A. Read.

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