by Trevor Kew

A star hockey player uprooted from his small town has to decided if he shares his father's assumptions about race and soccer, and if not, find the courage to stand up for his own beliefs.
Adam loves hockey, and he's good at it. So when his family moves to Vancouver, he's sure he'll impress in the elite hockey league his father signs him up for. The only problem is that he'll have to wait three weeks to find out, and it's tougher than Adam thought to make friends in the big city. But then he meets Rodrigo, a soccer nut whose family is from Uruguay, and finds that his hockey skills can work on the soccer field as well as the rink. He learns to love the new sport, but his closeminded father disapproves.

About the Author

Trevor Kew
TREVOR KEW is an English teacher and enthusiastic soccer goalkeeper. He is also the author of six Lorimer Sports Stories novels, including Run for Your Life, Bench Brawl, and Trading Goals. Trevor grew up in B.C. and now lives and works in Japan.


Rated G - Good, even great at times, generally useful!
This book is full of engaging sports trivia and high action games, but the story is about more than sports...This story is well written, with well-drawn characters dealing with everyday conflicts..Some of the situations are clichéd but that makes them easy to relate to. Reads with ease and the plot is not too complex for those with lower comprehension skills.
Jaclyn McLean, Resource Links


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