Canada’s Oil Monopoly

The Story of the $12 Billion Rip-off of Canadian Consumers

abridged by James Lorimer

The full seven-volume report has been broken down with the main findings and key sections, with more than half the actual text reproduced can be found in this abridged edition.

This book provides the highlights of a 1,700 page government report on Imperial Oil, Gulf, Texaco, Shell, and other oil company operations in Canada from 1958 to 1973 - compiled from the more than 135,000 secret oil company documents that were seized by the government investigators in raids between 1973 and 1978.

Taking eight years to piece together this startling picture of the inner workings of the powerful oil industry, the findings were submitted in a 1981 report on The State of Competition in the Canadian Petroleum Industry - and were immediately ordered to be made public by the Restrictive Trade Practices Commission.

About the Author

JAMES LORIMER is the author of numerous books on city politics. He is also involved in book publishing.

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