Courage on the Line

by Cynthia Bates

Amelie seems like a happy-go-lucky twelve year old. So why is she having nightmares and why did she change schools midway through the year?

Amelie has nightmares. She's a talented and well-liked player on her basketball team in Ottawa, but as a tournament game against her old school approaches she seems more and more frightened.

Her teammates wonder why she left her last school in the middle of the year, and why she's reluctant to meet her old friends again. Amelie finds she must confront the past, for her own good and for that of the team.

Courage on the Line shows how sport can provide the courage to face violence, on the court and off.

About the Author

Cynthia Bates

CYNTHIA BATES is an Ottawa teacher and coach who has worked with hundreds of young athletes. She is the author of Mikayla's Victory and Courage on the Line and the recipient of the Women Writers' Award from the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario.


"Courage on the Line is a welcome addition to the popular Sports Stories Series from Lorimer.... The plot is fast-paced and easy to read.... This novel will help fill the void for readers who are searching for sports stories with great action and strong characters."
Linda Irvine, Resource Links

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