Creep Con

by Kim Firmston

Cosplay is fun until it becomes obsession

Feeling like an outsider in a new city and at a new school, Mariam finds that her love of comic-book superheroes overlaps with the interests of a new friend who is otaku, crazy about manga and anime. Together, Mariam and Tya plan their costumes for the big fan convention. Mariam is comfortable with her choice of character, partly because as Haruhi, she can dress in a costume that doesn't bare too much skin.

When Tya can't go to the convention, Mariam is relieved to meet up with some boys who are dressed as the rest of the group from Haruhi's manga. Rick, dressed as Haruhi's love interest, insists that Mariam spend all her time with him, doing things that their characters like to do and playing out their romance. When he tries to physically force himself on her, Mariam realizes that Rick is taking the game way too seriously, but how can she escape his attention?

This novel explores the appealing world of comic books and graphic novels that has growing numbers of young people exploring role playing and attending fan conventions.

About the Author

KIM FIRMSTON is the author of the Lorimer SideStreets novels Stupid, Schizo, Hook Up, and Touch. Her books have been named Resource Links Year's Best and picked as Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Books selections. Kim lives in Calgary, Alberta, where she runs writing programs for creative teens. Visit her author website at


"The messages are solid: gifts don't come with obligations, and clothing doesn't justify attacks. Despite the extended setup, the book moves briskly to a tidy conclusion."
Kirkus Reviews
"Creep Con is a quick paced read, with culturally diverse characters. It offers an interesting glimpse into the world of anime, cosplay (costume play) and fan conventions."
Sylvia Santiago, CM Magazine
"Kim Firmston explores topical issues including but not limited to cosplay, peer pressure, sexual abuse, financial pressure, trust, and honesty. The short chapters move the story quickly. Mariam's voice is strong and distinct. She is a likeable character and the reader will feel for her. Reluctant teen readers will enjoy Mariam's journey."
Keep Calm and Novel On, Educator and NetGalley Reviewer


Best Books for Kids & Teens -- Canadian Children's Book Centre

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