Cyberbullying Deal With It

Deal with it and Ctrl Alt Delete it

by Robyn MacEachern

illustrated by Geraldine Charette

This "Deal With It" series title deals with a problem almost every kid faces today -- cyberbullying.

Do you race home to log in on your computer and chat? But what can you do when that user comes on, the user that won't go away and is getting nastier by the day? Now it seems you can't go to any of your favourite sites without finding something nasty posted about you.
This volume in the "Deal With It" series examines the issues of online name-calling, rumours, and threats, and provides fun and practical tips to help kids surf and text safely.

[Fry Reading Level - 6.6

About the Authors

Robyn MacEachern is the Provincial Youth Issues Coordinator for the Crime Prevention Section of the Ontario Provincial Police. Robyn provides presentations and training relating to online risks and exploitation. She lives in Orillia, Ontario.


"Offers fun and practical tips for safely navigating the Internet, where online name-calling, rumors, and threats have great impact."
Publishers Weekly
"With a serious look at a growing problem, Cyberbullying is timely, indeed."
Gail Hamilton, CM: Canadian Review of Materials

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