Extreme Canadian Weather (JR)

Freakish Storms and Sudden Disasters

by Joan Dixon

Canada is no stranger to extreme weather. This book covers everything from dust storms to hurricanes--and everything in between.

The weather in Canada is rarely boring. The country experiences just about every type of wild weather possible, including tornadoes, droughts, dust storms, ice storms, hail storms, hurricanes, floods and lots of snowstorms. There are times when the weather has been so extreme, it has surprised everyone.

About the Author

Joan Dixon

Joan Dixon
Stories of Canada and amazing Canadians have always inspired JOAN DIXON's research and she likes to share ones that are different from those in the regular history books. She is the author of Trailblazing Sports Heroes, Roberta Bondar, Extreme Canadian Weather, as well as of books about Canadian icons such as the Avro Arrow and the Calgary Stampede. She is currently based in the foothills of the Rockies. Check out dixanprojects.ca for more information.

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