Far Gold

by Arthur Hunt Chute

introduction by Don Macgillivary

A novel of open sea sealing, pirate gold and romance from the Atlantic Ocean to the Southern seas set in the early 1900s.

Sprott Gabereau is shaken out of his retirement in his home village of Arichat, Cape Breton, by an old "nemesis" for one last sealing expedition. Gabereau makes his last excursion to the Southern Ocean as a sealer but his real motive is to find the treasure of the pirate Andrea Ferrara. Battling the elements, other treasure seekers and matters of the heart, Far Gold is set in the decline of the days of sail in Atlantic Canada and a time of rapid changes to the fisheries.

About the Authors

ARTHUR HUNT CHUTE (1888-1929) was born in Illinois and grew up in Halifax and Wolfville, Nova Scotia, and attended Acadia University. His respect for the sea, the people who worked on it, and his taste for travel and adventure were reflected in both his fiction and his journalism.

DON MACGILLIVRAY is a professor of history at Cape Breton University and author of Captain Alex MacLean: Jack London's Sea Wolf. He teaches an undergraduate course on the Days of Sail in Atlantic Canada, 1800-1930.

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