Fishing for Trouble

by Sharon Siamon

Kiff wants to win the fish derby...but so does Josie Moon!

Kiff Kokatow is determined to win the Big Pickle Lake Fish Derby. So is his rival Josie Moon, and Remington Wickers has an electronic fish-finder.

The competition looks fierce but Kiff has a plan. Unfortunately, Kiff's plans always seem to go wrong somehow -- like time he sank all the boats at his parents' fishing camp, or when he nearly made everyone sick with rotten fish. Win or lose, Kiff's fishing derby sure won't be boring.

Fishing for Trouble is a lively and humorous account of friendship, rivalry and competition.

About the Author

Sharon Siamon

SHARON SIAMON has written many books for young people, including Fishing for Trouble and Gallop for Gold, which describe the adventures of Josie and her friends.

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