Gardening for East Coast Nature

by Jeffrey C. Domm and Jon Stone

50+ easy ways to turn East Coast backyards, patios and balconies into welcoming homes for birds, bees, bats, butterflies and more.

More and more people on the East Coast want to see native wildflowers, birds, bees and butterflies flourish in their backyards and on their balconies. This book provides the inspiration and information to make this happen.

Illustrations and photographs guide readers through dozens of easy projects and DIY activities to attract butterflies, birds, bees, wildflowers and other species and help them flourish.

This book includes:

  • How to turn a lawn into a thriving meadow
  • Simple homes and feeders for chickadees, butterflies, hummingbirds and more
  • The best native wildflowers, shrubs and trees

About the Authors

Jeffrey C. Domm
Jeffrey C. Domm

Artist Jeffrey C. Domm has had a lifelong fascination with nature and wildlife. He is a distinguished illustrator of wildlife and nature. He is retired from teaching illustration at Halifax’s renowned NSCAD University. He has illustrated more than twenty wildlife books, including the best-selling Lorimer Field Guide to 225 Ontario Birds. He lives in Cow Bay, Nova Scotia.

Jon Stone began his career as a journalist and nature communicator after publishing a story about standing on the back of a blue whale trapped in ice off the coast of Newfoundland. Retired from the Canadian Wildlife Service where he revived the iconic program Hinterland Who’s Who, he spends his time volunteering in heritage conservation and connecting with nature in Nova Scotia’s wild areas. He lives in Cole Harbour.

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