Girl Fight

by Faye Harnest

Zadie tries to fight her way through life, only to find out that, for girls like her, life often fights back.
Chosen as one of Resource Links' Year's Best for 2011
Zadie thinks she's tough and indestructible, like the superheroes she draws in her graphic novels. She'll fight any girl who dares to take her on, and she always wins -- until, one day, she loses. Beat up and riled up, she quickly gets her revenge and hospitalizes the next girl she challenges. Scared that this time she may have gone too far, Zadie tries to keep out of trouble. But when some girls launch a cyberbullying campaign against her meant to spur her into violence, Zadie decides that enough is enough, and the lines between superhero and supervillain become blurred.
A story written by a fresh young voice about violent teen girls and society's general ineptitude in understanding and helping them.

About the Author

Faye Harnest
Calgary native FAYE HARNEST writes and edits books, plays, and films. She has edited a book for youth on cyberbullying and worked on the Canadian Women's Studies Journal. Faye holds university degrees in psychology and creative writing and is currently completing a MA in Creative Writing at Concordia University. This is her first novel.


"This is the type of book that grade schools should make students read in order to get a clue about bullying and violence. If I ever become a teacher, I will seriously demand that my students read this, think about it, and learn from it.
Muchas gracias to author Faye Harnest and Lorimer and Co. for giving me the opportunity to read this book!"
"It is hard to imagine a girl so full of anger; however, Harnest does a good job of stepping into the shoes of someone whose rage has been building for years."
Sherry Rampey, VOYA (U.S.)
Harnest has deftly captured the perspectives of both the bully and the bullied, and has woven those emotions into a surprisingly complex and satisfying pattern... I hope to see more from debut novelist Faye Harnest soon!
Stacey Matson,


2012 Moonbeam Children's Book Award - Bronze Medal Young Adult Fiction - Mature Issues
One of the Year's Best for 2011 - Resource Links

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