Gone Wild

by Jodi Lundgren

Whether at home or in the wild, it's all about survival on your own terms.

Bullied in foster care and then by his adoptive mother's boyfriend, Seth decides to head out on his own. Brooke thinks she might be pregnant and, instead of facing her controlling mother, she runs. The strangers meet in a wilderness park on Vancouver Island, where basic survival is a challenge. As they work together to find food, water, and shelter, they find the strength to take control of their own lives.

About the Author

JODI LUNDGREN's love of backpacking has taken her to the Cape Scott and Juan de Fuca trails on Vancouver Island and to the Camino del Norte in Spain. She currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia, where she teaches English and Creative Writing at Camosun College. Gone Wild follows on the success of her last teen novel, Blow, also in the Lorimer SideStreets series.


"I thought this book took on some very real challenges that teenagers face today. Lundgren has created two really likable characters in Seth and Brook. They are easy to relate to and the story is very engaging. Lundgren is very direct with her language and does not shy away from some of the more difficult topics, but at the same time she is very sensitive in how she describes some of the more distressing scenes . . . I would recommend this book to anyone with middle-school aged teenagers. The writing is not difficult to read and the story is of a good length. An enjoyable book."
Kate Harle,, NetGalley Reviewer
"A short and interesting novel about a pair of teenagers who meet on a trail along the Vancouver coastline . . . Jodi Lundgren takes a wise and understated approach to telling this story, and the relationship that develops between Brooke and Seth feels natural and tense."
Sarah Roe,, Educator
"This book runs with themes of self discovery as well as coming of age . . . The lessons contained in the characters' stories can readily be applied to numerous situations, and are certainly useful, especially during the volatile, emotionally charged teenage years. As it's a short book it could be a good choice for classroom reading in middle school and or high school."
Isis Erb,, NetGalley Reviewer

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