Great Canadian Imposters

Millionaires, Doctors, Aboriginal Heroes, and Stars of Stage and Screen - Pretenders All

by Cheryl MacDonald

Canadian imposters, the roles they played, their true identities and what drove them to masquerade

From Canadian history come the stories of imposters. Meet the cross-dressing Isabel Gunn, disguised as fur-trapping "John Hubbisher." Read about a woman who posed successfully as Dr. James Barry, surgeon and early women's rights advocate. Follow the astonishing life of Archie Belaney, who convinced millions of people that he was Grey Owl, a First Nations conservationist. These are just three of the many scammers, double agents, and con artists in this fascinating collection.

About the Author

Cheryl MacDonald
CHERYL MACDONALD has been writing on historical topics for nearly 30 years. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines, including The Beaver and Maclean's, and she has written a number of books, mostly relating various aspects of southern Ontario history. Cheryl holds history degrees from the University of Waterloo and McMaster University.

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