Hockey Heat Wave

by Christine Forsyth

C A Forsyth explores the theme of friendship in this action packed sequel to Face Off.

Mitch Stevens is keen to spend July at a hockey camp in Muskoka--half the time on the ice, and the other half drinking in the sun on the lake.

But things start to go wrong right away: his best pal Zack is assigned to a different cabin, and then Zack makes friends with Mitch's worst enemy, Eddie. As they all struggle to make the camp select team, Zack faces a crisis that brings the friends back together--closer than ever.

Hockey Heat Wave shows how young hockey players' ambitions can strain friendships--and make them stronger.

About the Author

Christine Forsyth

CHRISTINE FORSYTH is a Toronto-based writer and graphic designer. She is the author of Face Off, Hockey Heat Wave, Power Hitter and Katie's Midnight Ride. Power Hitter and Katies Midnight Ride are Canadian Children's Book Centre "Our Choice" selections. She is also the author of the Lorimer SideStreets YA novel Adrenaline High.


"... interesting story for young hockey fans... stories like Hockey Heat Wave do have a place on the shelves of our school libraries. They capitalize on the subject matter and draw perhaps an otherwise reluctant reader into the world of children's literature. Hockey Heat Wave pushes a lot of the right buttons... it is well-written, interesting and would be a satisfactory choice for many young readers."
Terry Roberts, Resource Links

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