by Lorna Schultz Nicholson

Josh has finally made it to an elite hockey team but no one knows that he has Type 1 diabetes -- and it's getting more serious by the day.
Josh has finally made it to an elite hockey team and is determined to play as well as his older brother, Matt. But Josh's body is not cooperating. He's so tired and sluggish at practice -- and so thirsty and hungry all the time -- he worries he'll be cut from the team. On top of everything else, Matt is at war with his father because he wants to quit hockey and take up drama. Little does everyone know, Josh's undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes is working against him -- and getting more serious by the day.
Interference combines a compelling story with an accurate portrayal of a disease that poses a challenge and yet offers opportunities for understanding and accepting the gifts every individual is given.

About the Author

Lorna Schultz Nicholson
LORNA SCHULTZ NICHOLSON has written picture books, middle grade and YA fiction, and non-fiction. She has also written, produced, and hosted programs for television and radio, and is well known in Western Canada for her print journalism, including sports writing. Lorna regularly visits schools to share her passion for literacy with students. She lives in Edmonton with her husband and their two dogs.


"The viewpoint is that of a middle child wanting his parents' attention. His focus is on this need and not on the changes that he should recognize as warning signs that something is physically wrong with him. The story deals with real issue a young person could face while growing up."
CM: Canadian Review of Materials


Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice Selection

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