Joe Davidson

by Joe Davidson and John Deverell

The story of a tough, gutsy union leader who stood up to governments and cabinet ministers.
Joe Davidson was notorious as the union leader who once proclaimed, "to hell with the public." In the late 1970s as the leader of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers he was perhaps the most hated man in Canada.
Here Joe Davidson tells his own story, warts and all. He recounts his long experience as a worker in Scotland, toiling in foundries before his move to Canada. He describes his rise to become a union an executive, a position he never really wanted. Most importantly he offers insight into the most contentious period in Canadian postal history, 13 years that witnessed five seperate work stoppages, a time of rapid technological change and great labour unrest.
Joe Davidson is a lively autobiographical account of one of the most controversial figures in Canadian labour history.

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Joe Davidson

John Deverell

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