Jump Ball

by Adrienne Mercer

Two sisters face off on the basketball court . . . even though they're on the same team

Abby and Sarah are as different as two sisters can be, but they get along well -- that is, until they join the same school basketball team. Older sister Abby is bound and determined that their team will win this season. But outgoing and carefree Sarah seems to treat practices as a chance to goof off with friends, when she bothers to show up at all. As the tension on the team heats up, so does Abby's intensity, until she's not only treating her sister poorly but her other teammates -- and the coach, too.

About the Author

Adrienne Mercer
ADRIENNE MERCER lives in Nanaimo, BC, where she works in communications. In addition to writing sports novels for Lorimer, Adrienne also writes for magazines and has contributed short stories to several anthologies. She is also the author of Rebound, a Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Books for Kids & Teens selection.


"Jump Ball documents a classic case of sibling rivalry in a way that is relatable and sports centric." Recommended.
Amber Allen, CM: Canadian Review of Materials
"Jump Ball is mostly action and dialogue which will appeal to reluctant readers or those who read below reading level."
Corinne Mathews, Resource Links

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