La Famille Bell à Baddeck

Alexander Graham Bell et Mabel Bell au Cap-Breton

by Judith Tulloch

translated by Monique Cantin

An inviting picture-album look at the life and work of Mabel and Alexander Graham Bell during their years in Nova Scotia in French.

When the Bell family first arrived in the village of Baddeck in 1885, Alexander Graham Bell had already made his fortune with the invention of the telephone a decade earlier. When they returned to Baddeck a year later, they found a perfect spot for their summer home, Beinn Bhreagh.

Here over the next 30 years Alec worked on experiments in early aviation and hydrofoils while Mabel contributed both time and resources to the community. This is the story of this period, written by Judith Tulloch and translated into French by Monique Cantin, illustrated with striking candid photographs of family, scientists and Baddeck residents.

About the Authors

Judith Tulloch

JUDITH TULLOCH worked as a historian with Parks Canada in Ottawa and Halifax. One of her areas of interest was the history of technology. She is now a consultant in research and cultural resource management in Halifax.

Monique Cantin

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