Long Way From Home

The Story of the Sixties Generation in Canada

by Myrna Kostash

In this classic account first published in 1980, Myrna Kostash researched the story of the Sixties generation--her generation--by crossing Canada several times, interviewing hundreds of people who shared the struggle for change in the Sixties.
Flower power, love-ins, psychoactive drugs, anti-war demonstrations--the Sixties were a time of immense change and upheaval in Canada, a radical departure from the social and political complacency of the Fifties.
This book is a lively chronicle of how this change came about in Canada, how the "establishment" status quo was effectively challenged. It begins with a consideration of the anti-nuclear movement of the early 1960s, and continues with examinations of the civil rights and women's movements, the emergence of the New Left and opposition to the Vietnam War. Specifically Canadian developments such as the rise of Quebec separatism, the emergence of a native rights movement, and the struggle to Canadianize universities are also considered.
Long Way From Home is based on interviews with hundreds of people who participated in the events described--a report from the front lines of this turbulents decade's social and political revolutions.

About the Author

Myrna Kostash

MYRNA KOSTASH is a writer and journalist living in Edmonton. She has written plays, film scripts, and books, including the bestselling All of Babas Children. '(more)


"A social document of rare clarity and insight."
June Callwood

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