Love Hurts

by Beverly Scudamore

An intimate look at one girl's experience of dating violence

Mel's best friend Dustin is her dream guy, but she lost her chance with him last year and now he's seeing someone else. Enter Colter, the handsome new guy in school who is definitely interested in her. It's just the thing Mel needs to get her mind off Dustin. Before Mel realizes it, she's spending almost every waking moment with Colter, even skipping volleyball practices and nights out with friends.

When Colter gives Mel a ring, alarm bells start ringing, and Mel worries that maybe they're moving too fast. But every time Mel tries to cool things down a bit, Colter latches on even tighter. Mel can't bring herself to leave him. But she is beginning to wonder what lengths Colter will go to if she does.

About the Author

Beverly Scudamore
BEVERLY SCUDAMORE is the author of several books for young readers. Ready to Play, Foul Play, Misconduct, and Ice Dreams are Canadian Children's Book Centre "Our Choice" Selections. Beverly and her family live in Sarnia, Ontario.


"Mel is a great protagonist. She is easy for a lot of kids to relate to because shes fairly smart, but is a slacker, isnt really sure what she wants to do with her life and feels under-appreciated at school and at home. She is strong and doesnt usually let people push her around. She is quite unusual and nuanced for a teen character. The story moves along at a fast pace. . . it is definitely an enjoyable read."Recommended.
Kris Rothstein, CM: Canadian Review of Materials
"This novel deals with the dangers of manipulative teenage relationships." Rated G, good, even great at times!
Patricia Jermey, Resource Links
"The plot keeps the reader interested with constant twists... [SideStreets titles are recommended to supplement an already solid hi-lo collection."
Sherrie Williams, VOYA


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