Marketing Canada’s Energy

by Ian McDougall

Written in the early 1980s, author I.A. McDougall analyzed Canada's growing dependence on precarious foreign sources of energy.
Written in the early 1980s, author I.A. McDougall shows that as an import-dependent country, Canada was ill-prepared for possible disruptions in its oil supply.
McDougall envisioned a future in which superpower rivalry over dwindling world reserves, coupled with rationing of supply by OPEC members and volatility in the Persian Gulf, would make Canada's dependence on foreign oil increasingly precarious. He asserted that the contemporary Liberal government's National Energy Program was a usueful first step in promotion an independent energy strategy.
Marketing Canada's Energy is a passionate addition to the lively debate over Canada's independence during the 1980s.

About the Author

Ian McDougall

IAN McDOUGALL is a professor at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto. He has written extensively on energy issues.

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