Mikayla’s Victory

by Cynthia Bates

Mikayla is thrilled when she is asked to try out for the position of school pentathlete.

Mikayla is excited and flattered when she's asked to represent her Ottawa school in the pentathlon at an upcoming track meet. As a good, all-round athlete she could do well in the event's five different sports--all but one, that is.

Mikayla's high jump is weak, and she's competing against Amelie, last year's high jump gold medalist. Mikayla is convinced that Amelie is the better athlete, and her spirits sink. But as she soon learns, success depends on more than the outcome of a single event.

Mikayla's Victory is a lively story that explores the connections between self-confidence and success.

About the Author

Cynthia Bates

CYNTHIA BATES is an Ottawa teacher and coach who has worked with hundreds of young athletes. She is the author of Mikayla's Victory and Courage on the Line and the recipient of the Women Writers' Award from the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario.


"In this delightful, well-written story, author Cynthia Bates suceeds in adding to that difficult-to-find, high interest, easy-to-read collection for the young adolescents. The strong characters and the exciting narrative make this an appealing novel for most young sports enthusiasts. The short chapters, fast paced, exciting topic and attractive format make it particularly appealing for reluctant readers."
Betty Misset Gale, Resource Links


Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario Award for Women Writers

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